• Performance Programme

    To ensure that Jersey’s most talented athletes have every chance of realising their full potential, JSF has created the Performance Programme.

    Around 60 of the Jersey’s leading athletes at the National, International and Major Games levels currently benefit from the programme investment, with many more involved at the Talent Programme level which sits just below.

    The Programme works by ensuring that performance athletes and coaches get access appropriate support services  – delivered in partnership with the local governing body – that they need whilst in Jersey. The programme also prepared athletes for moving into the UK Sport World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).

    Investment into performance is broken down into thee areas:

    1. 1. Coach and Sport Performance Consultation

    Significant investment is made into working with coaches and sport to enhance the holistic development environment for the athlete so that it is conducive for further performance enhancement. We are know to many of the sports we work with a ‘critical friend’.

    1. 2. Athlete Funding Award
    2. Direct funding awards for performance athletes can be made to athletes through our funding body One Foundation.
    3. 3. Sport Science and Medical Services  

    We currently invest over £150,000 per-year on impacting support services for Performance Programme  Athletes. We are often referred to as ‘the team behind the team’. Some of these crucial services are listed below:

    Physical Preparation

    Traditionally known as Strength and Conditioning, the Physical Preparation service aims to develop and enhance the well rounded physical capability and capacity of every local performance athlete. Firstly it is about keeping athletes injury free to they can get on with training, secondly it is about enhancing physical outputs. We employ a very athlete centred approach which involves specialist evidence based training that is seamlessly incorporated in the overall athlete plan to enhance performance.  This can include improve power development, acceleration, speed, change of direction, metabolic development and movement efficiency.

    Performance Nutrition

    The JSF Performance Nutrition Programme provides evidence based nutrition works shops and one on one support to athletes and coaches. The JSF covers the five key areas of athlete nutrition which include: sports specific performance nutrition, supplementation education, food preparation skills, healthy eating and anti-doping education.

    Sports Physiotherapy

    Through our partnership with Performance Physiotherapy the JSF provide specialist high level sport physiotherapy services to all Performance Programme and Talent Programme athletes. Through this high quality partnership, the JSF hope to aid the assessment and treatment of injuries to ensure a return to sport as quickly as possible.

    Performance Lifestyle

    Our Performance Lifestyle planners help both Performance and Talent Programme athletes manage their hectic dual lifestyles and put in place a plan to achieve their sporting goals. This may include coordinating the effective delivery of support with coaches and programmes, regularly reviewing plans or helping athletes navigate issues in their personal life affecting growth as an athlete and person.

    Sport Psychology

    We use professional evidence based sport psychology services with the aim to help our athletes prepare psychologically for the demands of competition and training especially away from Jersey. Rather than waiting for problems to occur, our approach to performance psychology is about developing a system that ensures that athletes develop mental toughness. The psychological ‘wellness’ of our athletes and coaches is of paramount importance, with the overarching goal being to improve results through proactive performance enhancing psychology support to Performance Programme athletes via our ‘Performance Programme Services Curriculum’.

    Sport Physiology

    The JSF has a range of mobile physiological assessment tools through ‘JSF Lab’. This includes the assessment of Vo2Max, Blood Lactate, Power Profiles, and blood work markers.  We are able to provide measurement of data describing the physiological profile or physiological response of an athlete and use that information to help coach and athlete maximise adaptation to training and competition.

    Athlete Management

    Performance management is  at the heart of this unique service and uses the expertise of JSF staff to add value to the head coaches and athletes decision making process. The Athlete Manager pulls together a long term and strategic overview of the athlete, putting the athlete at the center and objectively evaluating the holistic development of the athlete against goals.

    Coach Development 

    Along side our services to athletes, the programme provide unique support to coaches of performance athletes. This includes opportunities for shared learning, immersion, free access to scientific testing and profile development, and further coaching/scientific education opportunities. It has been said that we are the people that support the people that support the athlete.

  • Talent Programme

    The JSF Talent Programme is an exciting initiative that has been set up to provide young people with an interest in performance in “non typical sports” with a structured long term pathway towards performance sport. Although this is not to be seen as a “fast track”, the opportunities presented on the programme to selected children will vastly accelerate their progression in sport.

    Young athletes will be subject to a range of physical, nutritional, lifestyle and mental programmes, all designed to fully prepare the body and mind for the rigors of future involvement in high performance sport. They will also be given the opportunity to try new sports, meet potential sponsors, meet and learn from current high performance athletes, test themselves and access pathways that they would not ordinarily be able to.

    The main body of the programme focuses on setting the stage for the later success by way of mastery of the general athletic skills which include elements of athletics (speed and power), martial arts (agility, flexibility, spatial awareness and mental toughness), calisthenics (strength/power) and movement competency (efficiency and mobility).

    Once successfully accessing the programme, young athletes/students will be guided and tested to identify their key attributes, and map them intelligently to relevant sports that possess the environment to foster medals at Island Games, National Championships, European/World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

  • Research and Consultancy

    Physical Activity and Literacy Research

    Developing healthy, active and physically literate children is a huge passion of the JSF and without a great foundation of motivation and confidence, knowledge and understanding, physical competence and positive daily lifestyle behaviours it is difficult to develop children into high performing individuals. As such we recognise that, health and performance start from the same place.

    We have been fortunate to lead on a large physical literacy assessment project in Jersey, which provided cutting edge research into the issues and levels of physical literacy development in the Island.

    We also lead on the prestigious Jersey Physical Activity Report as part of the wider Global Physical Activity Matrix. The research on which was published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

  • Athlete Pathway

    The development of effective participation and performance in sport is dependent upon building a sustainable effective long term athlete development pathways. These pathways should clearly demonstrate to all the necessary steps that are needed to provide athletes with an optimal environment to flourish regardless of what their sporting aspirations are.

    Health, participation and performance all originate from the same place: physical literacy; and as such this should become the bedrock of our sports system. Sports play a key role in the development of a healthy society and have a responsibility to young people to deliver well rounded physical activity programmes that not just develop performance but also health.  In very much the same way as a child progresses through a maths syllabus at school, athlete development pathways ensure that the right things are done at the right time to support the journey of the young person from child to champion.

    We recognise that associations need help to put these plans in place, and as such the JSF partners with a wide range of sports to help support the development of such plans and provide the skills to deliver the necessary programmes.

  • Coach Development

    The JSF aim to be the key provider of quality athlete development education in Jersey. We work in partnership with local sports associations to increase the capability of those involved in the delivery of school based physical literacy and sport based athlete development programmes.

    Coach Development delivery is based around a unique blend of short practical seminars focused towards relevant areas of youth athlete development. In addition the JSF is an accredited 1st4Sport Education Centre and currently offers formal QCF Accredited Level 1 and 2 Multi Skills (Physical Literacy) qualification, and Level 1, 2 and 3 Strength and Conditioning qualifications. These qualifications will allow local coaches a pathway into working in physical literacy and strength training.

    We are committed to bringing international expertise and innovation to the Island. In our inaugural Jersey Sport Foundation Conference in 2017 our focus was around physical literacy and youth development and in 2019 we were delighted to welcome Kevin Giles, an international superstar of physical literacy and performance development. We hope that these Conferences will put Jersey on the map internationally for youth sport science and coaching.

    Performance Internship 

    The JSF Performance Internship is designed to allow local students and coaches get real world practical experience coaching performance athletes, whilst following a formal vocational qualification pathway to qualify them as independent practitioners in the realm of physical preparation.

    The internship will allow practitioners or future practitioners to gain the valuable experience and knowledge to enhance their ability to gain employment on and off island. It also provides an invaluable option for local sport and fitness professionals to learn new skills or refine their current ones through expert workshops.

    Participants will be able to get hands on experience with the Island highest performing athletes under the watchful eye and tutelage of the JSF Performance Coaches. The Programme supports a range of athletes from developmental level to world class, so the breadth and depth of experience available is exceptional.


    1st4sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Conditioning for Sport (QCF).

    1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Conditioning for Sport (QCF).

    1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Conditioning for Sport (QCF).


    Speed Development for Sport

    Strength and Power Development for Sport

    Jump, Landing and Elasticity Training for Sport

    Movement Efficiency

    Access to Performance Coaching Education is accessed via three routes:

    Performance Internship (Includes internship, certification and workshops).

    Certification and workshop (excluding internship)

    Workshop Access Only

    Terms and Conditions

    Route 1: Performance Internship

    Full Performance Internship Level 1(Experience, Level 1 qualification and performance workshops). Cost: Free. Minimum Experience Expectation: 10 sessions post qualification.

    Full Performance Internship Level 2 (Experience, Level 2 qualification and performance workshops). Cost: Free Minimum Experience Expectation: 20 session post qualification.

    Full Performance Internship Level 3* (Experience, Level 3 qualification and performance workshops). Cost: Free. Minimum Experience Expectation: 30 sessions post qualification.

    *note entry criteria apply – please speak to JSF.

    Route 2: Certification and workshop (excluding internship):

    Level 1: £150 (minimum of 4 sessions observed plus 1 assessment session).

    Level 2: £300 (minimum of 8 sessions observed plus 2 assessment sessions).

    Level 3: £500 (minimum of 8 sessions observed plus 2 assessment sessions).

    Route 3: Workshop Access Only
    Workshop Attendance: £75 each.