JSF Athletes at the Gibraltar Island Games 2019

The Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games was epic for JSF supported and legacy athletes.

We are incredibly proud of our past and present sports and athletes who have made an huge impact on the Games. It was great to see JSF supported athletes representing Jersey at all Games venues.

We were really proud of JSF Performance Programme Manager Peter Irving who secured a long awaited gold in the 110m hurdles, and our partnership sport Jersey Judo who secured three bronzes.

These athletes are all winners in their own right, they have made it through grit, talent and determination; however, we like to think that the support they are offered through the JSF performance family has made their journey that little bit more efficient and that little bit more impactful.

Below are some wonderful memories of the JSF and our athletes at the Games and some interesting statistics about our impact.

61% of all medals won by Team Jersey were obtained by currently supported JSF and JSF legacy athletes (56 out of 93 won). Out of the total medal haul for Team Jersey (93), JSF presently supported athletes achieved 30%.

It is worth noting that a large percentage of Jersey medals come from shooting (23 medals or 24%), who presently only have one athlete supported by our services.

When you exclude shooting medals, JSF past and present athletes contributed to 81% of the medals, with currently supported athletes contributing to 40% of all medals won by Jersey.

It is wonderful to see so many athletes recgonising the importance of performance support services, and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the athletes, sports and coaches we work with for their hard work, commitment and passion.