Overview of JSF Conference 2017

Over the weekend of April 22nd the Jersey Sport Foundation, in partnership with the Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey, hosted the biggest health, PE and sport performance event in the Channel Islands.

Across the weekend, world leaders in their respective fields wowed over 225 delegates which included teachers, team managers and athletes.

Delegates were particularly interested in the sessions with Professor Tremblay from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and Dr Kate Hays from the English Institute of Sport (EIS). Professor Tremblay is one of the founders of Physical Literacy and Dr Hays is Head of Service to the Psychology team which works with countless Olympians.

The Jersey Sport Foundation has proactively built strong ties with both world leading organisations over the last few years after realising that the island needed more development in physical literacy and performance support.

The conference was a signal of the continued intent of the Jersey Sport Foundation to provide world class education and support in the areas of sport, health and fitness. As an island there is the potential to combat the threat of sedentary behaviours and influence the younger generations to make positive changes in their physical, social and emotional development.

John Scriven, JSF Head of Services, commented: ‘The world has stopped moving. Today’s children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, and we need to change that’

There are serious costs and consequences of not moving well and more often enough these are rarely taken seriously. The benefits that appropriate, well planned involvement in sport and activity brings to health, sport and performance are huge. However, it needs a framework, context and effective education alongside a change of mindset on the topic of proactivity to deliver it successfully. This weekend was exactly about that. The Jersey Sport Foundation realise that Jersey has a unique opportunity to positively influence the entire community and in return put Jersey firmly on the international map for proactive healthcare in the field of PE and sport performance rather than reactive healthcare which is seen in many other countries around the world.

Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister with Responsibility for Sport commented: ‘Having speakers of the highest quality such as Professor Mark Tremblay and Dr Kate Hays amongst others shows the high regard that Jersey is held in as we seek to improve on our physical literacy programme and better develop our young athletes in all sports. An exciting conference and I hope the first of many.’

The JSF team worked tirelessly to organise this world class event, which has put Jersey in a position to become a world lead in tackling sedentary behaviour and resulted in fellow professionals talking about Jersey’s movement.

Comments received have included –

‘In terms of a personal development opportunity, I would say that it has been better than anything else previously available for a primary PE specialist!’

‘I was there as a 16 year old athlete when the conference was aimed at coaches and teachers but I still understood the majority of the content, the speakers were truly eye-opening and interesting – even for me as a student.’

‘The way Dr Kate Hays engaged with the audience was really unique and insightful’

The Conference really helped me, as an athlete, understand other people’s opinions and point of views.’

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and have already included much of the content in my lessons today’

Congratulations on putting on an excellent conference over the weekend – high quality speakers and a very well balanced programme’ Nigel Green, International Physical Literacy Association Trustee and Acting Chair.