The Jersey Sport Foundation Rebrand

After months of hard work the Jersey Sport Foundation is proud to be launching its new branding today. The rebrand aims to solidify the JSF as a leading provider of high quality strength and conditioning on the Island, whilst appealing to a wider audience. The rebrand consists of a new website, kindly designed by L&Co, new kit for the coaches, the opportunity for athletes to buy JSF branded kit for the first time and the launch of the JSF Youth Development Conference which is being held in April 2017. Find out more about the conference here. 

The JSF has established itself as an expert in Physical Literacy and Strength and Conditioning in Jersey since its inception in 2014. Each year making further strides to encompass the values of elite sport, and developmental pathways. Through the new branding, and the new face of the JSF it hopes to build an elite standing in the UK, whilst being recognised across the world as the hub for information. The JSF is also excited to be launching its first Youth Development Conference, which will bring world leading specialists to Jersey for the first time.

Over time the JSF have developed a facility at Fort Regent that is specific to the needs of 20 different sports on the Island. Over the last few months the JSF have been making a number of improvements to the gym starting with JP Mauger kindly redecorating the area as part of their CSR strategy to engage with the wider community. The fresh look and new colour of the facility has appealed to athletes, making the room feel larger and more welcoming.

The JSF would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the JSF rebrand for all of the hard work (and patience!) that they have given to this project. We hope to inspire the next generation of “stars” to reach their potential, and give them the relevant support they require whilst working side by side with the association to make sure the necessary procedures are in place at grass roots.