JSF are awarded a UKSCA Grant

The JSF have successfully bid for a Community and Facility Development Grant from the UKSCA. The UKSCA grant only supports projects that are looking to promote and distribute S&C knowledge and good practice.

The Jersey Community Athletic Development Programme (“JCADP”) is beginning to revolutionise athlete support in the community and change the way athletes and coaches are supported in Jersey. The JSF aims to make a positive impact across the whole sport structure from grassroots to elite level. The JSF realised that this was a large project and as such applied for the UKSCA grant to ensure that key aspects of the JCADP would be successful. With the physical literacy pilot successfully completed, our developmental S&C programme expanded to 120 athletes and over 200 coaches attended coach educational workshops in 2016.

The next level of the project is to provide multi-skill after school clubs with an emphasis on basic strength and conditioning skills in an attempt to strengthen the connection of general preparatory athletic literacy skills and high performance.